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Find the Others

with the  Lakey  Sisters

Past Projects

Meet The Sisters:


Podcast Host & Writer


Podcast Host & Editor

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Kat is an aspiring Ayahuasquera, and part-time film editor. She entered into an apprenticeship last year and is currently living in Peru. The Psychedelic experience has been a guiding light for her since her late-teens, and the primary influence for the videos she creates. 


In 2011 Kat created a viral video titled “The Greatest Speech Ever Made”, modernizing Charlie Chaplin’s speech from the film “The Great Dictator”. The video earned 17 million views over the course of seven years before being deleted by YouTube in January 2018 due to “inappropriate content”. Kat has also worked with National Geographic's Jason Silva, and collaborated with him on a video titled “The Transcension Hypothesis”. 

The sisters were raised in the Appalachian Mountains by artists and fellow psychonauts, John and Laura Lakey. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the Lakey's worked for Dungeons & Dragons, Cabbage Patch Kids, Marvel, Heavy Metal, Stephen King, Don Bluth, and many more.

Consequently, the girls were raised in a home that was filled with costumes, laughter, imagination, and obligatory modeling jobs for their parents (they're even in several Dungeon Master Guides and Cabbage Patch movies). 

The sisters have always been best friends, but their first experience with entheogens made them realize just how connected they truly are. 

Together the sisters penned the Young Adult novel 'Wide Awake & Dreaming' , based (quite loosely) on their psychedelic experiences. 


More recently, they assisted on the Psychedelic History Project, digitally processing Tim Leary's archives at Bruce Damer's DigiBarn with Lex Pelger

They're brand new to The Psychedelic Salon and hope 'Find the Others' will help them do just that.

Music for Find the Others provided by Dashmesh Khalsa


Alexa is an artist, writer, and a new anchor for The Psychedelic Salon Podcast. Her kaleidoscope graphics were featured in the music video  Steve Aoki's 'Singularity' ft. Ray Kurzweil, which was #1 on MTV.com at it's debut. 

She created an Instagram account which exclusively showcases psychedelic morph graphics that she has animated in her best attempt to visually represent the psychedelic realm. Alexa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and will focus her interviews on the area's psychedelic past and future.